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Group Fitness

Join one of our certified fitness professionals in a variety of fun and effective group workouts designed for all fitness levels.  Are you new or returning  to exercise, or looking for a new challenge?  We’ve got you covered!
Whether you are interested in keeping your fitness fun or looking to build confidence using barbells and other pieces of gym equipment, you’ll find what you’re looking for at CanWest.
If you don’t see what you need on our group fitness schedule, contact us about our personal training options and build a program that works specifically for you.

Rates & Packages



10 - Class Pack


Briercrest Student & Staff - 1 Semester (4 Months)


Briercrest Student & Staff - Annual Pass (8 Months)




Group Fitness Monthly Membership

$85.00 / mo

Group Fitness Monthly Membership
*3 month commitment required


$75.00 /mo





*Complimentary childcare is available for participants of this class.

*Barre Above 
This combo class incorporates a fusion of ballet, pilates, yoga and strength training. You’ll notice improvements in your posture, flexibility, overall strength, and balance, and have a great time while you’re at it!  No previous dance experience needed. All fitness levels are welcome.  
*Complimentary childcare is available for participants of this class.
Body Blast 
This circuit class focuses on strength and cardiovascular endurance. With the option to work at your own pace, this class is a great option no matter where you are in your fitness journey. You will be encouraged to push yourself to your max as you move through this full body workout.  45 minutes is all you need to leave feeling strong and accomplished! All fitness levels are welcome.
This strength focused class uses compound movements and classic strength & conditioning techniques and is all about getting stronger, promoting the growth of lean muscle mass, and improving body composition. Your strength & conditioning coach will make barbell and weight training accessible and challenging, no matter your current experience or fitness level. All fitness levels are welcome.
Push yourself to your own limits with this fast-paced & upbeat full body workout that will challenge your fitness and leave you feeling the “burn”! All fitness levels are welcome.
Gentle Stretch
This 45 minute class is designed to help relieve stress, enhance muscle relaxation and improve flexibility. Classes will include static and gentle dynamic stretches, mobility exercises and slow movement patterns.  You will leave feeling restored and re-connected with your body and mind. All fitness levels are welcome.
Learn 2 Lift 
Do you avoid deadlifting, squatting and bench pressing at the gym because you don’t know what you’re doing? Are you intimidated by these movements? Learn2 Lift is an introductory six-week course to build confidence in strength training and weightlifting.  Supported by a strength and conditioning coach, you will learn squats, deadlifts, and pressing variations. All fitness levels are welcome.
Open Gym
Open Gym times are the availability of gym space and equipment with no formal group classes included.  Jump on an assault bike, enjoy the use of resistance machines, turf, squat racks, or free weights. A whiteboard workout will be provided during open gym times, or you can do your own thing!

Rise & Shine (Female only class)
This class is designed to get your body moving and energized for the day. 35 minutes of waking up your muscles and joints with low impact, muscle isolation exercises and small bursts of cardio in between. Come and start your day off right! All fitness levels are welcome.
**Free for Briercrest students.  
*Strength & Sweat 
Strength meets cardio in this hybrid class using a variety of class formats and equipment.  Turn up the heat and keep your body guessing each and every class.  Guaranteed to leave you feeling sweaty and STRONG!
All fitness levels are welcome.
*Complimentary childcare is available for participants of this class.

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