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We Believe

that you can be healthy even if you're...


Short on time
Busy at work
Stressed out 


Prone to injury
Scared to start
On a budget

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High Performance Training Centre

Plan. Train. Perform.


Find a program that's right for you

Individualized Training

Whether you are an elite athlete, a recreational athlete or someone just getting active, seeing tangible results within the limited time we have to train is essential to your overall athletic and fitness success.

Concussion, FMS, Athletic Therapy

Canwest offers full concussion screening services functional movement screening and athletic therapy sessions. Highly recommended to pair concussion and functional movement screening together as they are equally important for any sports team.

Group Fitness

Experience a wide variety of fun and motivating group fitness classes, suitable for all fitness levels. 

Team Training

We design and implement programs for individual and team sports based on your level of play and your training goals.

Combine Testing

CanWest is proud to offer a full combined testing service to give full evaluations to every athlete that will cover which also includes the only V02 Max machine in Southern Saskatchewan.

Book a free, 5 minute call, to learn more about our training options.

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For Coaches 

Team Training Packages Available

Take your team to the next level. Contact us for team combine testing, player assessments, concussion baseline testing and training packages at the centre. Organize seminars and workshops with college level coaching. We can come to you at your facility!

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